Having a booth is an expensive venture. We split the costs evenly for each game being presented there, and everyone has equal time once a day to demo their product. We also created content for a show bag that sold very well which included a USB with a digital booklet, 6 podcast episodes, 2 magazines, posters and PnP's. If you want to be in the booth for next year, check out the link below. 


We are aiming to have more booths at more location in the future but it is something we have to evolve over time. Stay tuned for more details. 

Video from PAX 2016
Just a quick little video showing some of the designers and what the booth was like.

We had 15 designers, 3 different one cycling every three hours. We also sold 300 show bags which had awesome stuff in them. We also had a couple of podcasts and a magazine be part of the action.